$125 Per Day / Weekend

This package is an excellent option for a medium size meeting or video playback for a special event. It includes a 3500 Lumen Projector, an 8-foot Tripod Screen with a Skirt, a Wireless Presenter and all of the cabling you need [one VGA or HDMI cable from your laptop to the projector, one extension cord and a power strip to power it all up at the projector stand].

While still not enough for a room with more than 100 people, this package does provide everything you need for your typical conference room or event space. If you have a bigger group, consider the less-portable but bigger-and-better fastfold screens and professional large-venue projectors. They take longer to set up and you will probably need tech labor, which we can provide for you.


We invite you to compare our prices to the hotel’s “In House” AV services.


8' Tripod Screen with Skirt, a 3500 Lumen Projector, a Wireless Presenter and all of the Necessary Cables.