$500 Per Day (May Vary)

An Av Engineer is the leader and most experienced on jobsite in their prospective fields of audio visual. An Engineer is responsible for all the gear, labor and needs of their department. They have the knowledge and skill to carry out the logistics of an event from start to finish. On many jobsites the Engineer is the person in charge of the crew and the direct contact for the client.

Av Engineer’s skills and abilities include but are not limited to:




Graphics (PowerPoint, Keynote) – Editor

Camera Operation (Hand Held)

Technical Director

Project Manager


Additional Notes:

*An AV Engineer’s full day rate is based on a 10 hour work day.*

*AV Engineer positions are not typically available for half days unless accompanied by multiple full days*

*A full day rate requires a (1) hour “Walk Away” dinner break or a (1/2) hour “Meal Provided” dinner break per shift.*

*Overtime is billed as $75 per hour*

*Rate may vary depending on skill level of the position required and start time**

*Parking Fees May Apply.*

**Please review California Labor Laws posted on our legal page.**


1 Engineer for up to 10 consecutive hours.

Daily Rental Price: