An Av Technician has the knowledge, skills and ability to set, operate, trouble shoot and strike most gear used in a typical audio visual situation. This level of technician is self motivated, well rounded technically and has the professional and personal qualities to shake hands with the client. The Av Technician is the drivng force behind the scenes to make a successful event for your attendees.

Av Technicians skills and abilities include but are not limited to:




Graphics (PowerPoint, Keynote)

Camera Operation


*An Av Technician earns a minimum of 5 hours of pay to service an event*

**An Av Technician’s full day rate is based on a 10 hour work day.**

***Rate may vary depending on position**

– Please see California Labor Laws posted on our legal page.


1 tech 10 hours

Daily Rental Price:



1 AV Technician