Portable MP3 Recorder with Zoom Microphone

Portable MP3 Recorder with Zoom Microphone

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  • MP31 Recording/Playback (Monaural)
  • Up to Long 142 Hours 50 Minutes Recording (Monaural SLP Mode)
  • Capacity of Flash Memory 512MB
  • Long Battery Life: 45 Hours with Alkaline Battery (Monaural SLP Mode Recording)
  • USB Mass Storage and USB 2.0 High-Speed Connection
  • Security Function2 with Password
  • Recording of Maximum 99 Files Each in 4 Voice Recording Folders and 999 Files in 1 Music Folder
  • 3 Recording Modes (XP/ LP/ SLP)
  • Digital VAS (Voice Activated System) Function
  • Playback Equalizer
  • Speed Control (5 Steps)
  • Repeat Functions (1 File Repeat/ A-B Repeat/ All Files Continuous Playback/ Folder Repeat)
  • Auto Back Space


MP3 Recorder, Manual, USB Cable, Carrying Bag